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Lois emchaiavu, ketchem allea (Greetings, May Creator bless you all). Welcome to Unearth Healing & Wellness, I am Carolina A. Miranda. I founded Unearth Healing after rediscovering and reconnecting with my ancestral path of the Yo’eme people. Through the teachings of my ancestors our spiritual values; respect and love for all things, I am guided to help individuals learn about love and heal themselves. In this life journey we sometimes forget where we came from and the truths that this origin that is vaguely familiar can reveal. We ourselves possess anything and everything our soul desires to experience true genuine happiness and live-in harmony. Sometimes this path to unearthing your true self, although sacred, can be scary and overwhelming to embark on your own.

My mission is to support, empower and guide individuals through their own unique transformational path to higher truths and align to their Creator and True Self.

For over 10 years I have been helping individuals heal from complexities of mental health disorders, traumas and connecting them to resources to improve their wellbeing as a Social Worker. In 2015, I received my California Licensure and embarked on opening my own private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma therapy. I developed my treatments with a holistic approach, incorporating EMDR therapy and Energy Healing allowing individuals to gain meaningful and healing insight. In my practice as a psychotherapist, I guided many in their transformative journeys and came to find out many of them once on this journey, sought out something deeper and meaningful for their healing. Once we give ourselves the permission to receive, our inner growth and outer transformation is inevitable.





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