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“It doesn’t take time it just takes alignment.”
– Abraham Hicks

When challenges from day-to-day stressors become too overwhelming or past traumas no longer managed on your own, our entire being may suffer. Our body, mind and spirit need restorative balance. I am a firm believer in the Whole Person Wellness, where the individual can achieve restorative balance through deeper curative healing methods.

Healing will occur when the body, mind and spirit are in alignment. For each element to align, it is imperative for each element to heal. In my capacity as a LCSW and EMDR therapist, I began seeing the need for not just the mind and body to sync, but the Soul/Spirit to also be in harmony. Through energy and sound healing we can access deeper healing to restore balance between all elements mind, body, and spirit. Imagine the possibilities when you allow yourself to receive these two modalities to unearth your True Self.

What is Sound Healing Therapy?

For many centuries, across cultures around the world, sound and music has been used as curative methods for rituals, healing, and meditations. In most recent decades, sound baths-journeys have provided individuals with benefits of relaxation, and an escape from modern life stressors. Whether you are looking to find relaxation, enhance your meditative practice or deep healing, Sound Healing Therapy is a holistic approach to an individual’s complex life journey.

Benefits of Sound Baths

  • lower stress levels
  • deeper meditation practice
  • improve overall mood
  • help balance chakras
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve intellectual concentration
  • lower cholesterol
  • decrease symptoms of anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • help process trauma, reduce PTSD symptoms

How does it work?

From the works of Albert Einstein to Hans Jenny, their contribution to “life science” of the energetic field and vibration have given great validation and understanding to how Sound Healing is possible. Through Quantum Physics and wonders of the mystical realm, individuals can heal from elements that the human eye sometimes cannot explain, and why should they be explained, when they are meant to be felt. Every element in this earth has a frequency, a vibration, that helps our central nervous system function; our heart beat; vegetables grow, and the reason why Bees buzz.

“Sound is everywhere and is made of frequencies which are vibrations, and this makes up matter. Everything is pulsating with its own vibration that can be measured, felt or heard. By utilizing our own resonance and specific frequencies or sound, we can create an intentional shift. When that shift is constructive, we call it healing.” -Kalee Combs, 2020

When we create intentional healing sound it generates a frequency, which carries a message. If the individual is willing to receive that message, they will resonate with that vibration carrying the message thus align with the intention. It is important to note the shift happens from a place of belief, readiness and being open to receive the new state of being.

Crystal Singing Bowls

There are many forms and instruments and tools that can be used in Sound Healing Therapy. In this time of awakening, quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are used to help our body, down to our DNA crystalline structure find resonance and restorative balance to a cellular level. Crystal Bowls are thus, used in Sound Healing Therapy to provide clean, positive vibration through entrainment.

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