Confessions of a Lightworker

Holistic Treatments for Mind, Body & Spirit

A series of authentic and inspirational conversations about healing and spiritual journeys, mental health, discovery of true self and Sound Bath meditations, all with the highest intention to spread love and light during this spiritual movement/spiritual ascension.

Join me, on this spiritual journey of evolving into my True Self, as I reveal confessions of being a lightworker in training. A spiritual awaking is not always pleasant, because it requires you to shed and heal from habits, old beliefs systems that cause self-destruction and pain. This intense and challenging time is a time of personal growth and evolution to rejoice in the power of Love & Light. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have many beautiful and spiritual beings in my life that support me and accept me but most important love me and my gifts as a lightworker. It has made this oh so challenging journey to step into my truth so much easier. I want to share these beings and their love and support with all of you, to continue in this ripple of healing energy.

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